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About Us

National Thoughts
National Thoughts (nationalthoughts.com) a brain child of Mr. V.P.Gupta (An eminent Motivational and Inspirational speaker) is a web channel promoted by Mr. Rajnikant Tiwari (Renowned journalist with experience of 25 years in Print & Electronic Media) and Mr. Rajan Gupta (Social Activist)  with the the sole motive of Socio-Economic development in the Nation, promotion of participation of public in Governance & Development of Nation, to bridge perception gap between Public & the Government and thus contributing in making our beloved Bharat an ideal Nation i.e.

ऐसा राष्ट्र

“जहां न भय हो, न भूख हो, न भेदभाव हो
सभी स्वस्थ हों-सभी समृद्ध हों”

through Positive Journalism, through suggesting simple and practical solutions and through motivating Public to focus on solutions of problems instead of criticizing the government by participating in our special program Hote Jo Hum Sarkar as also by highlighting the difficulties of Businessmen & other public for attention & necessary action at the end of government through programs like Bol Vyapari Bol Sarkar Apni Hai as also creating awareness among public about matters of Social justice & social importance like ever increasing population, hatred among people of different castes & religions, saving water & increasing plantation and motivating individuals to achieve all the heights through real motivational stories under our program Real Heroes” and promoting them from being an ordinary person to an influential personality along with making all the efforts to provide valuable information & valuable advice provided by experts in the fields of law, Health, Finance, Vastu & Jyotish etc. as we believe that individuals & society both are important and both must grow and all our above thinking is clear by some of our below mentioned slogans which loudly speak about our philosophy-Our Mission-Our Vision:
  1. वृक्ष ज्यादा बच्चे कम, बढ़ेगा भारत बढ़ेंगे हम।  
  2. You must grow-India must grow.
  3. जो जाति-धर्म के नाम पर भेदभाव करता हो क्या वह व्यक्ति इंसान कहलाने लायक है?
  4. क्या धर्मनिरपेक्ष राष्ट्र में अलग धर्म पर अलग कानून होने चाहिए?
  5. शेर का एक चाहिए या ………. के बारह?