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D Shivanandhan A

In Mumbai, in October 1997, A Gangster Javed fawda was killed in a Police Encounter A PIL was filed against Mumbai Police. Justice  AS Aguair not limited himself to this case only but observed 95 more cases of police action against Gangsters were questionable. Other cases included cases of Sada Pawle and Vijay Tandel among others. This demoralized Mumbai Police force and Underworld flourished. As a result, in 1998 alone 101 personalities were killed in 93 incidents in Mumbai. There was such a fear that purchase of Cars, the sale of flats, High profile marriages or dinners, all stopped. At this stage, Mr. Sivanandhan was brought in as joint commissioner of Police (Crime) on 01-07-1998. He motivated the Police Force. He was given full support by Commissioner of Police Mr. RH Mendonca. He also persuaded the government to bring Mcoca. Moral of the Police force became high. Gangsters were neutralized. The result was that there was not even a single shootout by Underworld in 11 years. In 1998-101Bussinessmen killed 2001 to 2011- 11 years – Zero killing and out of the total of 8 police medals given in that period, 7  were given to the team of Mr. Sivanandhan, A True Leader, A Real Hero.

D Shivanandhan                              Jt. C.P                         Crime

AD Shinde                                          D.C.P                          EOW

SJ Inamdar                                         Inspector                    Crime

VK Navghare                                      Inspector                    Crime

MD Javed Rahid                                 Inspector                    Crime

AM Davrekar                                    Head Constable           Badge 185991

BA Gadge                                        Head Constable           Badge 14835

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