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Nepal Bharat

National Thoughts



      Media Partner – nationalthoughts.com

Chairman – V.P. Gupta
President – Madhurendra Chaudhary                   ” नेपाल भारत मिलकर चलें, विश्व सारा आगे बढ़े “


Mission – To Work for Peace, Progress & Prosperity in Nepal, Bharat & the Whole World.
Vision – Bharat & Nepal work together & make the world a better place to live for the generations to Come.
 1 All are requested to join the forum, be a Development Ambassador and give your valuable contribution for the cause of betterment of Nepal, Bharat & the World.
2 Joining as Development Ambassador is Free.
3 Donation accepted is Rs 20/- or Rs 200/- only from Development Ambassador.
4 Name of the Donors of Rs20/- or Rs200/- will be displayed at www.nationalthoughts.com .
5 The forum will also work for betterment of Nepalese in India and Indians in Nepal.
6 Any Development Ambassador having any problem may mail at nepalbharatwdf@gmail.com. The forum will do its best to solve the problem & take up with concerned authority.
7 Any Development Ambassador is welcome to give any suggestion for betterment of Nepal, Bharat & the World, and can also report any kind of issues related to welfare of Public, which will be posted at Nationalthoughts.com
8 As Nepalese & Indians are known for their honesty & humanity, all Development Ambassador are expected to have an excellent & ethical behaviour.
9 All Development Ambassador have to pledge to work as per laws of the land only and not indulge in any Anti National or un-ethical or illegal activity.

                              Board of Governors


Mr V.P. Gupta – Chairman
Mr Madhurendra Chaudhary – President
Mr Nitin Batri – Vice President /Media Coordinator
Ms Rambha Singh – Cheif Editor
Mr Ajeet Kumar – General Secretary
Mr Arunoday Kumar Gupta – Organization Secretary
Mr Bipul Kumar  Mahato  -Treasurer
Mr Sushil Yadav – Secretary Cum Joint Treasurer