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The Girl Who Wears a Smile :-Bijaylaxmi Parida
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The Girl Who Wears a Smile :-Bijaylaxmi Parida

Parida, Bijayalaxmi. Poet and social activist. Has four books, Au kebekuhani se katha, Mo jharkarudishenaye  Sanja hele barsa, Yeyithikanerigharnahin, se pakheaakashnila, and an e-book. Her poems deal with various contemporary problems, including the plight of women, and has made her mark in the Odia literary firmament. ” Winner of Bhubaneswar Book Award, Bestseller Award, Urmila Devi Poetry Award, Baligar Poetry Award, Chintachetna Sahitya Award, Fakirmohan Sahitya Puraskar, Dharitri Award and Kruti Santana Award from Bou “

Bijaylaxmi Parida
The Girl Who Wears a Smile

Since tears don’t suit my eyes,
I hang darkness to cover
the walls of my delighted moments.

The cute lizard
who lives near the skylight
says morosely, ‘I, too, am here’;
and you are not alone in the house.

The door curtain shakes its head
pretending to know everything.
The pillow draws me into itself.

Feigning some dust fell into my eyes
I just rub my tears with my hands.
Otherwise, how could I weep
my heart out with so many restrictions?

Looking damn tired
the wall clock strikes eleven.
And then comes my mother’s call
seeking to know what I did all day.

‘Have you gone to sleep?’
Mothers tend to know everything.

Fearing my weeping face
to show across the other side

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